Joplin Music Project Final Update

Good Day,

I wanted to take a moment to update all of our interested sponsors and giving partners on the status of gifts that The Foundation for Music Education generated and forwarded to the Joplin Schools for their music programs.    I want to thank all persons and organizations for their generosity.  A total of #14,2264.06 was donated.  The monies collected and donated were designated for a specific ensemble and/or equally divided between the band, choir, and orchestra programs.

I have also attached a message responding to the music donation from the Joplin High School principal, Dr. Kerry Sachetta.

The amounts forwarded:

August 2012

  • $1,375.83 for the orchestra
  • $2,443.45 for the choir
  • $1,935.83 for the band

August 2011

  • $ 3,508.99 for band
  • $ 2,525.98 for choir
  • $ 2,433.98 for orchestra.

This is a total of $14,224.06

Thanks again to everyone that helped!


Dick Clardy

Executive Director