KEYNOTE AWARD 2021 – Robert Floyd

Robert Floyd is a true champion of music education who has worked tirelessly to ensure music education opportunities were protected for all students at every level,” said TMEA President Dana Pradervand-Sedatole. “For 30 years, he has been a passionate advocate and a driving force in shaping TMEA’s mission and vision, and his leadership and expertise have helped our association grow and thrive.”

After working 26 years as a Texas music educator, Floyd began his tenure as TMEA Executive Director on June 15, 1993, with a staff of four, serving TMEA’s 8,000 members. In these 30 years, he has played a pivotal role in expanding TMEA’s programs and services, growing the membership to 19,800, and ensuring financial stability and security. Floyd’s focus on our association’s financial investments and business management has been crucial during the most challenging times.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve TMEA, our members, and the students they teach throughout the past 30 years as Executive Director. There is no greater calling than the opportunity to shape children’s lives through music,” Floyd said. “The decision to leave the classroom in 1993 to assume this position was a difficult one, but I rationalized that through it, I could serve millions of students in the public and private schools of Texas, especially via the political and policy arena. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to remarkably dedicated staff members and Executive Boards who have supported me through the years in this role. It has been a rewarding journey with memories I will always cherish.” The TMEA Executive Board will soon announce the application process and expects to select an Executive Director Designate later this year who will begin serving in the official capacity no later than June 2024. Floyd will continue to serve as TMEA’s Executive Director throughout the selection process and transition period, ensuring a strong continuity of leadership.