Recommended Solo List

Selection of solo literature is a crucial factor, and is often a primary issue for student success. Many students are allowed to select their own solos with little direction. Some private teachers lean towards the classics of their solo literature or their own favorite selections. The result of this is that many students play solos that are too hard for them, and/or too long.

To assist band directors in selecting appropriate class one solos for their students, The Foundation for Music Education has compiled a list of recommended class 1 solos that are on the Texas UIL list. Selectors were asked to recommend solos that were:

  • Moderate to easy difficulty for class one
  • Not lengthy
  • Proven, “winner” pieces
  • Piano accompaniment that is not too difficult

Each selector weighs those factors to come to their recommendations. In some cases they comment on the selections.
Many thanks to our selectors, who we consider to be experts on their instruments, and very experienced with the literature.

These choices do not reflect a comprehensive review of all pieces on the UIL list. More advanced students can of course perform harder literature.

Here are some ways that you could use this list:

  • Make these pieces available to your students
  • Ask students and private teachers to select from this list, or get a selection approved by you.

This recommended list is published in November 2017.
The UIL list changes, so check to be sure that these selections are still on the list

Flute Oboe English Horn
Bassoon Bb Clarinet Alto Sax
Trumpet French Horn Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone Tuba

These lists will be revised periodically.