Welcome to the Philanthropy division of The Foundation For Music Education.  We are committed to raising funds for the support of music education and the proliferation of music educators in our schools.  The foundation is constantly looking for the funds and means to support current and future music educators.

We would ask that you please consider supporting any or all of these activities with a donation of any amount to the foundation.  You might even consider starting a music scholarship that could be designated for specific person or school and/or music teaching area.  You may name the scholarship and designate a specific person as the endowment manager of the scholarship. You determine the all-important parts of the endowment and then like-minded people could access the website to contribute to your scholarship fund. You may contribute to The Foundation for Music Education by direct check, through pay-pal, or via our printable contribution form.  Regardless of the method you choose, you are able to designate where your monies should be spent.  Remember, re-occurring small amounts add up and of course all contributions are tax deductible.

Also, please consider becoming involved in our annual Stars Under The Stars fundraiser and our Private Concert Series.

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